Prior to Opening:
  1. Criteria for use in selecting a site for your Wet Willie's,
  2. Review of your draft architectural drawings
  3. We will provide your architect or general contractor information about the sequence of events and procedures that must be followed in building out and equipping a Wet Willie's
  4. We will provide 2 construction visits to the site by a designated construction advisor
  5. Criteria for signage (Franchise Agreement, Section 4).
    • Approval of your site and your lease of the premises.
    • Lists of the inventory, merchandise, supplies, computer hardware, software, communications devices and equipment and other items needed to stock and operate the Wet Willie's, together with the names of any suppliers we have designated or approved, as well as recorded music for use at the premises
    • Training to you or your Operating Principal and your Manager, as described below
    • A copy of our Operations/Training Manual
    • Opening assistance, including on-site pre-opening and opening training, supervision and assistance to you

Training Program

Before opening your Wet Willie's, you, your Operating Principal and your Manager must complete, to our satisfaction, an 8-week initial training program we conduct. You, your Operating Principal and your Manager must have successfully completed all state and local required food hygiene and sanitation training as well as having completed a certified course for responsible alcohol service before attending our training program. We will provide up to 10 days of on-site training for all of your other full and part-time hourly employees and members of your staff. We will not charge you a fee for the training of your first Manager and your initial staff. We may charge you a fee for any additional required or optional training and training for subsequent staff. All training will be provided at a location we designate. You must pay for your employees' travel expenses and room, board, wages and insurance during training.

The initial training program for you, your Operating Principal and your Manager, which lasts 8 weeks, is conducted at our headquarters located in Savannah, Georgia or at a different location if you and we agree on it. Our training program is overseen by William Dickinson whose experience is listed in Item 2 of this disclosure document. Any other individuals involved in the training program will have at least one year of experience in the subject they teach.

An outline of the initial training is as follows:

Subject Classroom
Hands On
Introductions, Orientation2Our Headquarters
Policies & Procedures For Employees2Our Headquarters
Manager Training Program16Our Headquarters
Bartender/Server Training Manual2Our Headquarters
Kitchen Staff Training Manual2Our Headquarters
Door Staff Training Manual2Our Headquarters
Barback & Mixing Training Manual2Our Headquarters
Week Review & Discussion2Our Headquarters
Kitchen Training80Our Headquarters
Barback & Mixing Training20Our Headquarters
Server Training20Our Headquarters
Bartender Training20Our Headquarters
Door Staff Training20Our Headquarters
Manager Training130Our Headquarters
TOTALS30290Our Headquarters in
Savannah, Georgia

Support During Operation

After you open your Wet Willie's, we will provide the following assistance and services to you:

  • Our staff will be accessible to you and your staff for consultation by telephone, fax, written communication, e-mail and other forms of electronic communication.
  • We will visit your Wet Willie's location from time to time to conduct quality reviews and to consult with the staff regarding Standards of Quality and Performance Compliance.
  • We will host refresher training sessions for franchisees at franchisee conferences and conventions.
  • We will develop and provide additions and supplements to the Operations Manual as they become available
  • Marketing materials
  • Operation of a Brand Fund
  • Access to our intranet site
  • Hosting a web page for you on our website.
  • Evaluation of proposed modifications to our approved suppliers and products.
  • Access to our approved supplier network and the ability to take advantage of our buying power.

For additional information on Support Contact:

William Dickinson
Franchise Consultant